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Posted: Sep 06, 2013

Heavy Hitting Silver Skull Trophy Award

What first attracted Heavy Hitting HorrorFest co-founder Chili Thom to the giant silver ball was that it opened up to reveal a secret compartment that could hold six shot glasses.

“It looked like you could fit a bottle of Whiskey in there too,” Chili says. “So that seemed like a winning combination.” Chili noticed the polished metal dome while digging through clothes at Value Village in search of costumes for Divine Intervention, the first ever HorrorFest film.

“I was looking for a good Jesus robe and I saw this silver ball, it was like a bowling trophy or something,” he recalls.  “Then I noticed the secret bar compartment and two seconds later I saw a silver strobe-light skull and it all came together. It cost like fifteen bucks total, and I got a sweet robe too.”

Pemberton BC, metalsmith Kyle Bubbs helped frankenstein the repurposed components onto a burly metal base and the “Stanley Cup of Horror” was born.

“It gets passed down from year to year and your name gets put on a plaque on the base,” Chili says. “I think it was around year six we had to get Kyle to add some more layers.

Bubbs stepped things up and The Silver Skull now sits on a base of twisted metal legs and only-slightly dulled saw blades.

Of the ten winner’s plaques adorning the trophy, Conrad Shapansky has his name on two.

“I was runner up three times and won twice,” says Conrad. “So yeah, that’s the last five years of my life right there.”  After co-directing 2010 winner To Hell and Back with Brad Chornoby, Conrad took home the grand prize at last HorrorFest with the meta-masterpiece So You Think You Can Write B-Grade and he admits he’s getting used to having it around.

Heavy Hitting Horrorfest Silver Skull Trophy

“I see it every morning. It sits right in the living room in the front window, visible from the road. I see it when I come home every day, my dogs peering out and the Silver Skull. We put a punk rock wig on it for like six months.”

Conrad has graduated out of competition for this year’s Return of HeavyHitting Horrorfest – he’s a judge now and will help decide who gets the Stanley Cup of Horror next.

“I’ll be sad to see it go,” he says. “But I’m making a movie anyhow, even if I can’t win. And you can bet it’s gonna be weird.”

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