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Posted: Oct 11, 2013

Heavy HItting Horrorfest instagram #WhistlerHorrorfest winner

Because we don't spend enough time staring at our computers and phones, this year Heavy Hitting HorrorFest decided to pogo-stick onto the #bandwagon and start an instagram contest with the most horrorific photo winning two tickets to the 2013 B-Grade Throwdown.

This was not an easy contest to judge and the response and effort put into the photos was incredible, better than we had hoped. Everyone who contributed deserves accolades for putting their hearts, blood and entrails into it and getting some pretty awesome shit done.

In the end, however, there can be only one... except we actually had two top contenders and it just so happened they came from the same person.

@GingerVixen5 You win two tickets to Heavy Hitting HorrorFest for these two pics, which we have named "Chicken Leg Serious" and "Old One-Arm" send us your contact info here.

Honorable mentions include "Face Peeling Cleaver Chick" by @Ashley_Nicole_Burgess and "Evil-Ass Nurse" from @6shan6non6, who also gets extra props for being one of the first submissions and really helping set the tone for eveythign that came afterwards.

And of course a special shoutout to perennial HorrorFest Best Actress @thelastunitard for "BloodBath". Can't wait to see this film.

Thanks to all the contributors, just because the contest is over doesn't the horrorificness should stop. Keep it coming and we'll throw a slideshow together for the Heavy Hitting HorrorFest B-Grade Throwdown on Oct 30 in Whistler

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