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When/where is Heavy Hitting HorrorFest?

Late October in Whistler, Canada. The B-Grade Showdown has always been October 30 aka Devil’s Night.

Is this the same as B-Grade HorrorFest?

Yes… but it’s better. Heavy Hitting produced B-Grade HorrorFest for a decade but now we are expanding the event to include other, equally amazing shit. The B-Grade Throwdown is now the Marquis event of Heavy Hitting HorrorFest but we have other things happening for the festival as well and will continue to add events, films, workshops and more as we grow.

Can children attend?

No. We used to allow kids but as the years slid by the content became increasingly weird and twisted until we decided that kids should no longer be allowed. Plus, without kids in the room it means the rest of us can drink in our seats while watching the movies.

How do I submit a Film?

Click on this “Submit a film” link.

Is my movie guaranteed to be shown at the B-Grade Throwdown?

No. We try to show as many as we can but time/quality constraints sometimes mean a movie doesn’t make it.

What if this page didn’t answer my questions?

Contact us here.

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