Draw the curtains and lock the doors, it’s time for another video from the 2013 RETURN OF HEAVY HITTING HORRORFEST.

One of the best things about this festival is how it inspires and nurtures young filmmakers to give it a shot and try new things. “Pretty much every year some pleasant-looking young filmmaker will come out of nowhere with a film that bats way above it weight class,” says HorrorFest co-founder Feet Banks. ‘This year we had a couple films like that and one of them was Danielle Lawson’s Cerebrum.”

Feet caught up with Danielle after the fest and got her to answer a couple questions about this year’s only music video HorrorFest submission. (Danielle is also a musician/singer/actress who performs in the video. A quadruple threat of talent!)

HorrorFest: Tell me how you got inspired to make this film for the fest?

Danielle: Ever since I found out about the B-Grade Throwdown I wanted to submit something. I took part in a couple of films in 2011 and it was just so much fun to be a part of. When we were producing this track we kept talking about how we wanted to shoot a video and kept thinking how awesome it would be to sumit it for the HorrorFest. Unfortunately Jordan, the main producer on the song passed away early this summer in a car accident and was unable to take part in producing the video. He was really into gore and pushing the boundaries with his artistic endeavours so this video was a massive tribute to him. It felt as though we had help from him while shooting as well. He would’ve been so stoked!

HorrorFest: I’m sure he was loving watching it with 1100 screaming people at the event too. How was your first ever HorrorFest as a filmmaker?

Danielle: It was awesome. A bit nerve-wracking but super exciting. The response from people afterwards was very encouraging and I was thrilled to be a part of it.

HorrorFest: You won the “Best Nude Scene” award for this flick. Talk about being nude in front of the camera, is it easier when you are the writer/director as well?

Danielle: It was a tough decision because I knew my parents were going to watch it, this is my first music video. But eventually I just said, “fuck it, titties rock!” I acted in a HorrorFest movie in 2011 and showed off my rack and it sparked a bit of controversy, with this being my own film there was no “bro code” being broken.

HorrorFest: Ha! What did you make all those brains and guts out of that you were rolling in?

Danielle: I made the brains out of peach jello and milk evap. The guts were made out of corn starch, hot chocolate powder and water. Even the blood had a lot of chocolate sauce in it. Everything was delicious, it was a pleasure to devour all of my best friends.

HorrorFest – This is a great looking film shot renegade style in a bunch of locations. Hit me with some of the technical info behind this flick: cameras, lights, other DIY tricks?

Danielle: I’ll let Terry answer this one. (Terry is Danielle’s tech genius.)

Terry: I used a Canon 7D and the other guys used Nikon d7000. We skimped on the lights because we didn’t have time to gather pro ones. We used car lights and made a wash-out from a lizard terrarium light. Those were used in the beginning and end of the film. The big Zombie party scene had an ultra LED punch panel.

HorrorFest: Epic. Just use what you can find and get creative. Great job you guys. Danielle, before we let you go what are some of your favourite horror flicks?

Danielle: Pet Cemetary, The Shining, Misery, Jennifer’s Body, Warm Bodies… Basically any film with the word body in it.

HorrorFest: Spoken like a true Best Nude Scene Champion. Thanks for stopping by.

Danielle: Thank you for the opportunity you give us to let our dark sides show. I can’t wait to take part again.