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Like a savage zombie of gore-fueled glee, Heavy Hitting HorrorFest rose from the grave in 2018 after a 2-year hiatus. The momentum and energy created from HorrorFest: Resurrection has continued to build and today, filmmakers and horror fans alike can rejoice knowing Heavy Hitting HorrorFest is back for 2019. The Apocalypse will unfold in Whistler on Wednesday, October 30, 2019.

“Last year I was nervous,” says HorrorFest founder Feet Banks, “I didn’t know if people were still into it given that the festival had gone on hiatus for two years following [co-founder] Chili’s passing. But people stepped up in a huge way, we had so many great films and it just really reminded me once again how kickass and inspiriting this community of filmmakers is. We honoured Chili’s original vision, we shed a lot of blood, and I’m pumped to be able do it all again this October. Apocalyptic mayhem here we come!”

HorrorFest continues to attract and nurture top horror talent from Whistler and around the world. HorrorFest Resurrection saw former winning filmmakers return to reclaim their former glory, as well as submissions from new and established filmmakers from Vancouver, Europe, Mexico and the USA. Heavy Hitting HorrorFest’s goal has always been to inspire young film talent to get out and make more films. “It’s what we want to see,” says Banks, “We want the big guns coming back, but we also want to encourage and mentor new blood to ignite those creative fires. HorrorFest is a community and it’s always been integral to give artists a platform to be as different and as weird as they want to be. It’s about honing the craft, building each other up, and inspiring one another… but in a more savage DIY arena featuring monsters, slashers, Martians, chupacabras, bigfoots, zombies, mummies, ghosts, lesbian vampires, giant leeches and real B-grade fun.” Submissions for HorrorFest Apocalypse are now open until September 15, 2019.

For 2019’s Apocalypse, Banks and event producer Chantal Limoges are bringing the festival into a brand new Whistler venue that allows the HorrorFest team to increase capacity over last year. It’s also easier to clean up. “There will be blood,” Banks enthuses.

Tickets for this year’s festival will include roundtrip bus transfers from Whistler Village to the venue. Attendees will be able to stay and party in this one venue all night long. Full venue details to be announced in the coming months.

Heavy Hitting HorrorFest has a strong community of supporters who help celebrate independent film. HorrorFest is proud to already have the support of the following sponsors for Heavy Hitting HorrorFest Apocalypse:

  • Platinum Sponsors: Après Larger and Monster.
  • Gold Sponsors: LUX Visual Effects and The Sea to Sky Dream Team.
  • Silver Sponsor: Directors Guild of Canada (British Columbia)
  • Prize Sponsors: Bass Coast Music & Arts Festival, Canadian Wilderness Adventures, Elevation Hair Studio, Hy’s Steakhouse, Local Whistler, The Raven Room, and Vancouver Bad Ass Film Festival.
  • Hotel Sponsor: Aava Whistler Hotel

Also making its bloody return to the red carpet is the Heavy Hitting Pitch-to-Screen Bootcamp, a film workshop designed to mentor young directors and screenwriters. The one-day event will include script workshopping with notes, story and production roundtables, and technical tips to help filmmakers progress and impress. After the Bootcamp weekend, filmmakers will have all summer to produce their film in time for the September 15 HorrorFest submission deadline. Pitch to Screen details to be announced soon. Full Heavy Hitting HorrorFest details will be announced in the upcoming months.


$50 | 19 + Only | Date TBC | Register by emailing mask@heavyhitting.com.


$25 | Open Thursday, April 25, 2019 & close Sunday, September 15, 209 at 11:59 PM | Register, read the rules, sign the waiver & submit at heavyhitting.com/submit.

HORRORFEST TICKETS: $69 | 19 + Only | Wednesday, October 30, 2019 at 6:30 PM | Tickets will go on sale online at heavyhitting.com on Tuesday, October 1, 2019.

Doors open at 6:30 PM. Movies start at 8:00 PM. Party and afterparty all night long in one venue.

For more information on Heavy Hitting HorrorFest, visit heavyhitting.com.


HorrorFest images are available for editorial use upon request at mask@heavyhitting.com


The Heavy Hitting HorrorFest was hatched in Whistler in 2002 by Feet Banks and Chili Thom as a one-night blender of horrorific, hilarious and very independent short films screening to a group of local filmmakers and their friends. Over a decade later, The HorrorFest has evolved into the largest and longest-running horror film festival in Western Canada attracting film fans and filmmakers from around the world. In a town known for its massive parties and huge events, Heavy Hitting HorrorFest is one of the most anticipated events on the Whistler calendar packing rabid film fans into an evening of movies, costumes and musical mayhem.

Since its inception, the HorrorFest has been a launching pad for young filmmakers and continues to attract industry pros with its emphasis on making movies for the pure and simple joy of it. At Heavy Hitting HorrorFest your art film might get booed and your bad taste might get cheered, but either way you’re gonna have the night of your life.