Heavy Hitting HorrorFest 2015 - Awards and Recap

Posted: Mon, Nov 09, 15

“There can be only one!” …and this year it was Dickproof 2, winner of the coveted Silver Skull trophy and the title of “Best in Show” for Heavy Hitting HorrorFest 2015 with a powerhouse action film and a budget of just $3000. “We knew we had to step it up this year,” says Dickproof 2 director Sam McGlynn. “We wanted to beat (2-time champions) Luchagore Productions, they kill it every year, and we knew we had the car and the guns and we just wrote around that.” http://www.luchagoreproductions.com/

They actually had two cars. One of the most pant-shitting moments of the 2015 was the now-infamous car-flipping scene in Dickproof 2. “I wanted to flip a car,” McGlynn says. “And I called a buddy who is a stuntman and he called his buddies and told me ‘ get the motor out, all the fluids and find a crane. Leave the rest to me.’”

But flipping the original Dickproof 1979 Chevy Nova was not an option, and that isn’t the kind of prop you just go pick up anywhere. “We talked about doing crazy shit all summer but of course it’s always last minute. I hunted all summer and honestly, two weeks before shooting this thing comes up on Craigslist for 600 bucks.”

Money well spent considering the “Car flip” ended up winning Best Visual Effect and nabbing $500 cash from LUX VFX. Other audience pleasers were the minigun (made from a chainsaw engine by McGlynn’s tech-genius buddy Andrew Munster) and “Mirror Stab” which took “Best Death Scene” award, a new blade from Base Camp X.

“I’d been attending the fest for years,” McGlynn says. “It’s a tough audience, our first year submitting we got our asses handed to us by hecklers. Eventually I realized just give them what they want, have fun with it. So that was how Dickproof got started, the main thing was to have fun.”

That “fun” netted Dickproof 2 $1000 cash courtesy of Gibbons Whistler , a killer skateboard and some gear from Landyatchz, industry passes to the upcoming 2015 Whistler Film Festival, waived entry into the 2016 Crazy 8’s film competition, some Puff gear and passes to Whistler’s coolest new attraction Whistler Escape Rooms.

All attending Filmmakers also enjoyed beverages from Deep Cove Brewers and Distillers at the VIP HorrorFest Afterparty.

Stay tuned for more awards and photos and click here if you want to watch Dickproof 1 from the 2014 Heavy Hitting HorrorFest.