WHISTLER, BC – The secret to life is to never stop learning, says Heavy Hitting HorrorFest co-founder Feet Banks. So that if zombies eat your brains, they’ll fill up… You might be able to save your family.

To help this year’s HorrorFest entrants keep their brains full, Heavy Hitting HorrorFest is thrilled to announce that Canadian film veteran Jeffery Scott Lando is the Guest Mentor for the Heavy Hitting Pitch To Screen Workshop set for Sunday June 24, 2018 in Whistler.

Lando will journey up to Whistler to share wisdom and film tricks with a group of up and coming filmmakers intent on submitting short work to HorrorFest. Working with new filmmakers is a privilege, exclaims Lando, I may have some things to offer in terms of helping them be more successful in getting their vision out there, but I get so much more from them in return: Idealism, excitement, inspiration and drive. You can’t put a price on those.

Lando has directed 13 feature films and won awards at Montreal HorrorFest, The Strasbourg Film Festival, Fright-Fest and ShockerFest. His last feature, Suspension, was released by 20th Century Fox as one of the 8 Films to Die For.

Jeffery is one of those people who can do it all, Banks says. He writes, acts, directs, knows special effects and has seen countless projects go from the idea phase right through to distribution. To be able to bounce ideas off him and glean advice on any sort of project is going to be a huge asset for our workshop attendees. Even for myself, I learned how to be a better director during the 20 short minutes we spoke on the phone while I was inviting him up. It’s going to be incredible to have three hours with him.

The Pitch-to-Screen Workshop will take place at Whistler’s infamous Sushi Village restaurant where lunch will be included for attendees. We can eat raw fish and learn how to make realistic fake blood and entrails, Banks says. Or how to hone an good idea into something that will get actually get shown. It’s gonna be killer.

No Script Required! Round-table pitch/question format.

PITCH TO SCREEN WORKSHOP: $50 (Includes Lunch) | 19 + Only | Sunday, June 24, 2018 at 1 PM | Sushi Village in Whistler B.C. | Register at heavyhitting.com/workshop.

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The Heavy Hitting HorrorFest was hatched in Whistler in 2002 by Feet Banks and Chili Thom as a one-night blender of horrorific, hilarious and very independent short films screening to a group of local filmmakers and their friends.

Over a decade later, The HorrorFest has evolved into the largest and longest-running horror film festival in Western Canada attracting film fans and filmmakers from around the world. In a town known for its massive parties and huge events, Heavy Hitting HorrorFest is one of the most anticipated events on the Whistler calendar packing rabid film fans into an evening of movies, costumes and musical mayhem.

Since its inception, the HorrorFest has been a launching pad for young filmmakers and continues to attract industry pros with its emphasis on making movies for the pure and simple joy of it. At Heavy Hitting HorrorFest your art film might get booed and your bad taste might get cheered, but either way you’re gonna have the night of your life.