Heavy Hitting Script-to-Screen Bootcamp Recap Saturday September 13, 2014 saw the first ever Heavy Hitting HorrorFest "Script-to-Screen" workshop take place in Whistler. Over a dozen local directors converged in Sushi Village restaurant for a few hours of filmmaking tricks, tips and wisdom courtesy of Liz Levine, producer at Random Bench. Covering everything from pre-production budgeting to proper production and scene checklists to the importance of buying duplicate or triplicate wardrobe pieces for heavy blood scenes, Liz delivered three inspiring hours of pure cinematic wisdom before workshopping scripts and offering advice on specific scenes the attendees wanted help with. "It was perfect," says HorrorFest co-founder Feet Banks. "Liz is such a wealth of knowledge and has enjoyed huge success in genre films. Plus she has this brilliant no-bullshit delivery that suits they style of our fest. I'm pretty amped to see what everyone who attended will come up this year." Heavy Hitting HorrorFest takes place October 30, 2014 in Whistler and film submission info is here