Submit your Film

Step 1: Read the Rules & Regulations

Step 2: Make a movie

Step 3: Hand it in on time! 5PM Pacific Standard Time on September 15, 2018 is the latest we will accept entries and final edits.

Step 4: Watch hundreds of savages watch your movie at THE party of the year.

Since 2002, Heavy Hitting Films has presented the Horrorfest in Whistler, Canada. A one-night, balls-to-the-wall orgy of horrorific short films and general mayhem. Fans of monsters, slashers, martians, chupacabras, bigfoots, zombies lesbian vampires and giant leeches; - this is the festival for you.

Submission Deadline September 15, 2018!!!

Showtime is OCT. 30, 2018 in Whistler.
Tickets sell out quickly every year and the best way to ensure entry is to make a film.

Rules & Regulations

“The Revenge of HorrorFest” promises better than a four-minute underwater lesbian scene/shark attack in 3D so start planning your flick now.

We expect a lot of submissions for the B-Grade Throwdown so be sure to register early by emailing Whether your films makes it to the grand show or not depends on how many submissions we get and how long they are but mostly how good it is (in a B-Grade sort of way). 

  1. Register right now: Don’t sit on your ass and expect us to know you are maybe thinking of making a movie. I need to know you exist so just Email me your information. Name, email address, phone number, and where you live.

  2. Make a Horror movie: We’re looking for horror here, b-grade or otherwise. We’re not looking for emotional dramas where someone dies in the end. A couple years ago there was a few mis-interpretations and a few of the movies weren’t horror movies. Those guys got their art-school asses laughed out of the theatre. Lets try to prevent that this year, for your sake. Get bloody, get stupid, have fun and you will be fine.

  3. Make it less than 10 minutes in length. It’s important to keep you movie under 10 minutes in length. If you go over 10 minutes, we probably won’t show you movie unless it is the best thing we’ve ever seen in our entire lives. Since we live rich and full lives it’s probably best to just keep it under 10 minutes. An awesome 4-minute movie almost always makes the cut.

  4. Don’t steal Music. Music is a very important part of Horror movies (Anything is scary when you put the Halloween music behind it) but you can’t just steal other people’s hard work and use it for your self. So get someone you know to compose some music, or get the rights to some music. (If you do this you’ll be asked to fill out a music release form when you hand in your movie) or if you have no other options, get a dj buddy to alter/mix some music in a way that’s so creative and unique we won’t notice that it’s stolen. If you steal music without licensing it, you will be unable to win the festival, no matter how great your movie is. If you don’t care about winning and really want to use stolen music we’ll probably still show your movie anyhow, but we might make fun of you on the mic.

  5. Hand in your movie on Time!!!!!! The deadline for submissions is September 15, 2018. Yes, that is when you need to hand your movie in by. Everyone thinks they can hand it in late because we are laid back guys but the truth is the movies that come in on time have a better shot at being played and winning than the ones who don’t. Email me when it is ready for details on where/how to hand it in.

  6. Format: We want quicktime files of your movie on a memory stick or external harddrive that we can hook up TO A MAC and copy your movie. Otherwise we’ll need a data disc of the .mov file. Technical specs are:

    • Format: MOV or MP4
    • Compression: H264 (quality: Best)
    • Progressive (non-interlaced)
    • Resolution: 1080p
      Bitrate: Automatic
    • Aspect ratio: Square Pixels*

    * Some editting applications might not have the option to convert from shooting aspect to 'square pixel', so if you are unable to do this just make sure to label what aspect ratio your movie is. 16:9, 4:3, letterbox, etc.

  7. Rules may be added if I forgot anything or problems arise. This is why it’s important to register. That way I can notify you if the rules change or an act of god happens. Everything is subject to change at any time, live with it.
  8. Judging and Screening.

    The judges are the same as usual but we might have a woman this year, we'll see. Films will be judged according to Story, Production value, Sound, music and overall Horrorificness (this is a pretty open category that is like a mix of cool, scary, innovativeness and stuff like that.) The winner gets to keep the Amazing Skull trophy for one year, and will receive a cash prize. There may be prizes for best actor and actress and whatever else we feel like. When you hand in a movie you also hand in a registration fee (TBA) and you’ll be given Two (2) tickets to the grand Showing. I’m sorry we can’t give free tickets to your whole crew but with the number of movie submissions we receive that would mean the whole theatre would be full of cast and crew with free tickets and since they make us pay for the venue, we need to sell a certain number of tickets. If you would like to reserve tickets for you crew please let me know asap. They will still have to pay but at least they will have tickets. This event usually sells out in about 35 minutes.

    Awards are generally given for “Best in Show, Best Effects, Best Actor, Best Actress, Rookie of the Year, People’s Champ, Best Single Death Scene and there is the Erin Sollowey “Manimal” Memorial Award for the “Most Fearless Performance”. The Manimal Award is important and the winner of this one gets a ton of great shit. So feel no fear and embrace the horror.

  9. Have fun and hand your movie in on time. This festival was started as an excuse for us all to get out there, get our hands bloody and have fun making movies. So just make sure you have a good time making your film and on the night of the event. That’s what it’s all about.

  10. We intend to simulcast the Horrorfest to fans near and far this year so you will need to fill out some release forms which I will email you once you register.

    These are a bunch of legal speak but basically what it means is that you allow us to show your movie at the Festival and on the simulcast and our website. It says that if anyone complains to us that your movie was too scary or something, we pass them off to you. And if your nude shower scene “actress” doesn’t want her tits on the internet, we need to know about that so we don’t show your movie online. So pay attention to this, fill out your forms when you get them, and email me anytime you have any questions or concerns. This is about having fun so we can work through anything. (But ideally your actress won’t give a shit.)

Questions, concerns, and registration info should be directed to Feet Banks mask[at]